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    Currently, no other industry has been affected by such rapid growth more than the semiconductor industry (i.e. the electronics industry). Precise, repeatable and custom solutions to create the perfect printed circuit board or any other electronic component. In order to meet the needs of this fast-growing semiconductor industry, TPA Robot has invested a lot of money and effort in research and development of new P-series and U-series direct drive linear motor solutions to meet the needs of customers. Also, due to the rapid development of this industry, machines cannot afford any downtime, so reliable products are crucial, and TPA Robot is the best choice to provide you with these products. Due to their excellent repeatable accuracy and fast response performance, TPA Robot's P-type and U-type linear motors are widely used in the semiconductor industry, such as wafer handling, positioning and linear motion applications, inspection, assembly lines, bonding, etc.

    We are honored to be invited by leading companies in the semiconductor industry, and we have launched in-depth and long-term cooperation with them.

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