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    About TPA Robot

    TPA Robot is a technology company that focuses on R&D and manufacturing linear actuators. We have in-depth cooperation with more than 40 listed companies around the world. Our linear actuators and gantry Cartesian robots are mainly used in photovoltaics, solar energy, and panel assembly. Handling, semiconductor, FPD industry, medical automation, precision measurement and other automation fields, we are proud to be the preferred supplier of the global automation industry.

    Products Introduction

    Introduction of Ball Screw Linear Actuators, Single Axis Robot From TPA Robot

    TPA Robot is a professional manufacturer of linear actuators and linear motion systems. In this video, our anchor Vivian will explain the TPA linear motion product series. The driving mode of linear actuators is mainly ball screw drive or belt drive. Ball screw linear actuator GCR series, KSR series is the star products of TPA MOTION, it has smaller size (25% space saving), more reliable performance, more precise motion control (Accuracy ±0.005mm), easier maintenance (External oiling) wins the market and is loved by automation equipment manufacturers in various industries. 

    HCR Series Full Sealed Ball Screw Electric Linear Actuators From TPA Robot

    The full sealed ball screw linear actuator developed by @tparobot  has excellent controllability and environmental adaptability, so it is widely used as a driving source for various automation equipment.

    While taking into account the payload, it also provides a stroke up to 3000mm and a maximum speed of 2000mm/s. The motor base and coupling are exposed, and it is not necessary to remove the aluminum cover to install or replace the coupling. This means that HNR series linear actuator can be combined at will to create Cartesian robots to suit your automation requirements.

    Since the HCR series linear actuators is fully sealed, it can effectively prevent the dust from entering the automated production workshop, and prevent the fine dust generated by the rolling friction between ball and screw inside the module from spreading to the workshop. Therefore, the HCR series can adapt to various automation In production scenarios, it can also be used in clean room automation equipment, such as Inspection & Test Systems, Oxidation & Extraction, Chemical Transfer and other industrial applications.

    The LNP series direct drive linear motor was independently developed by @tparobot TPA Robot in 2016.

    The LNP series direct drive linear motor was independently developed by @tparobot   TPA Robot in 2016.  LNP series allows #automation  equipment manufacturers to use flexible and easy-to-integrate direct drive linear motor to form high-performance, reliable, sensitive, and precise motion actuator stages.

    Since the LNP series linear #actuator  motor cancels the mechanical contact and is directly driven by the electromagnetic, the dynamic response speed of the entire closed-loop control system is greatly improved. At the same time, since there is no #transmission  error caused by the mechanical transmission structure, with the linear position feedback scale (such as grating ruler, magnetic grating ruler), the LNP series #linear  #motor  can achieve micron-level positioning accuracy, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±1um.

    Our LNP series linear motors have been updated to the second generation. LNP2 series linear motors stage are lower in height, lighter in weight and stronger in rigidity. It can be used as beams for gantry robots, lightening the load on multi-axis combined #robot . It will also be combined into a #high-precision linear motor #motion  stage, such as double XY bridge #stage, double drive #gantry  stage, air floating stage. These linear motion stage will also be used in #lithography  machines, panel #handling, testing machines, #pcb  drilling machines, high-precision laser processing equipment, gene #sequencers, brain cell imagers and other #medical  equipment.

    A high-thrust ball screw electric robo cylinder manufactured by TPA Robot

    With its compact design, precise and quiet ball screw driven, ESR series electric cylinders can perfectly replace traditional air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. The transmission efficiency of ESR series electric cylinder developed by TPA ROBOT can reach 96%, which means that under the same load, our electric cylinder is more energy-efficient than transmission cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. At the same time, since the electric cylinder is driven by ball screw and servo motor, the repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm, realizing high-precision linear motion control with less noise.

    ESR series electric cylinder stroke can reach up to 2000mm, the maximum load can reach 1500kg, and can be flexibly matched with various installation configurations, connectors, and provide a variety of motor installation directions, which can be used for robot arms, multi-axis motion platforms and various automation applications.

    The EMR series electric actuator cylinder provides a thrust of up to 47600N and a stroke of 1600mm. It can also maintain the high precision of the servo motor and ball screw drive, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm. Only need to set and modify PLC parameters to complete precise push rod motion control. With its unique structure, the EMR electric actuator can work in complex environments. Its high power density, high transmission efficiency and long service life provide customers with a more economical solution for linear motion of the push rod, and it is easy to maintain. Only regular grease lubrication is required, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

    EHR series electric servo actuator cylinders can be flexibly matched with various installation configurations and connectors, and provide a variety of motor installation directions, which can be used for large mechanical arms, heavy-duty multi-axis motion platforms and various automation applications. Offering thrust force up to 82000N, 2000mm stroke, and the maximum payload can reach 50000KG. As a representative of heavy-duty ball screw electric cylinders, EMR series linear servo actuator not only provides unparalleled load capacity, but also has precise accuracy control, repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm, enabling controllable and precise positioning in heavy-duty automated industrial applications.


    Battery system and module assembly production line

    The linear actuator of TPA robot is used in battery system assembly. Its high precision and stable movement impresses Anwha, and it is an honor to be appreciated by Anwha.

    How are excellent single-axis robots and gantry robots applied to battery system production lines

    We all know that linear actuators can be combined into complex three-axis and four-axis linear robots. They are usually used in automated production lines to load various fixtures and collaborate with six-axis robots to complete complex tasks.

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